Newsletter – August 2022

“white boxers”

newsletter no 5 – august 2022

as usual we hope this finds you fit and well – chris and lynn are just starting to feel human again after being laid low by colds over last few weeks  🙁

its all about wonderful women  

by the time you read this months offering, the 1st tour de france femme will be over – won convincingly by annemiek van vleuten, despite setbacks galore.  we have been riveted to the highlights each evening, to see some brilliant racing from teams and riders who to be honest we have never heard of – but who will soon become household names like their male counterparts.

also the lioness’s have done us proud by beating germany 2 – 1 to win the euros football competition – we are not big football fans, but had to watch as we love the passion they have for the game, as well as admiring  the teamwork and support for each other they display.  a joy to watch and easy to get caught up in.

and goodness knows what the commonwealth games will produce next, tom peaty is not unbeatable after all – but showed some grit, racing after his recent broken foot !! rugby 7’s has become our latest guilty pleasure :-/

top dog events facebook group

as promised we have created a facebook group for us all to share our news, achievements, adventures, advice and plans, both on and off the bike @ –

top dog events facebook group

please join the pack and feel free to contribute, we would love to hear from you and build a community of folk who love riding bikes,  instead of always sharing our news and not hearing back from anyone.

2023 sportives

cycling events sign and riders

we are pleased to announce that dates have been selected for our return to organising fully supported sportives again next season.

event locations – 3-1-5 health club and emergency medical cover – kentdale 1st aid ambulance and paramedics – have been booked so the events are now live to enter @

sportives 2023

we are offering “early bird” entries at last years prices until 1 st january 2023 – when they will increase slightly – this is to accommodate the huge increase in the price of the fuel we will use as a team on each event (we generally drive round the route at least 9 times – prior to / during / after each event – to way mark the route – put out safety signs – check the signs (several times!!) – get to and from the feed station – marshal the route – provide broom wagon cover – remove the signs)

so on a 60+ mile sportive the team can cover over 600 miles – on our new ram 80 miler some 700 + miles and on the annual epic beast 108 miler around 1000 miles !!

cycling event marshal

unlike some companies top dog events pride ourselves on paying all our helpers both for their time and using their vehicles, which is part of the reason why they are all so happy and brilliant on event day, without them there would simply be no events to organise.

have a great months riding and please tell us all about it on the facebook group – until next month – best regards from –

top dog events logo

chris, lynn and all @ top dog events limited